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Lista salamapurkauksista

Some of the latest strokes with the signal of the closest station.

Aika: 2023-05-31 05:27:35.249863139 SignaaligraafiSignaaligraafiSignaaligraafi
  • Distance: 1,163.9mailia (SE)
  • Poikkeama: 2.2mailia
  • Osallistujat: 248
Aika: 2023-05-31 05:27:35.249944060 SignaaligraafiSignaaligraafiSignaaligraafi
  • Distance: 1,147.9mailia (SE)
  • Poikkeama: 0.8mailia
  • Osallistujat: 229
Aika: 2023-05-31 05:27:35.249881941 SignaaligraafiSignaaligraafiSignaaligraafi
  • Distance: 1,161.1mailia (SE)
  • Poikkeama: 2.3mailia
  • Osallistujat: 214
Aika: 2023-05-31 05:27:35.249869048 SignaaligraafiSignaaligraafiSignaaligraafi
  • Distance: 1,162.1mailia (SE)
  • Poikkeama: 2.0mailia
  • Osallistujat: 196
Aika: 2023-05-31 05:27:35.249875454 SignaaligraafiSignaaligraafiSignaaligraafi
  • Distance: 1,161.8mailia (SE)
  • Poikkeama: 1.8mailia
  • Osallistujat: 183
Aika: 2023-05-31 05:27:35.249868719 SignaaligraafiSignaaligraafiSignaaligraafi
  • Distance: 1,163.2mailia (SE)
  • Poikkeama: 1.5mailia
  • Osallistujat: 169
Aika: 2023-05-31 05:27:35.249974862 SignaaligraafiSignaaligraafiSignaaligraafi
  • Distance: 1,150.2mailia (SE)
  • Poikkeama: 2.0mailia
  • Osallistujat: 157
Aika: 2023-05-31 05:27:35.249870826 SignaaligraafiSignaaligraafiSignaaligraafi
  • Distance: 1,163.0mailia (SE)
  • Poikkeama: 1.8mailia
  • Osallistujat: 144
Aika: 2023-05-31 05:27:35.249877259 SignaaligraafiSignaaligraafiSignaaligraafi
  • Distance: 1,166.2mailia (SE)
  • Poikkeama: 1.8mailia
  • Osallistujat: 130
Aika: 2023-05-31 05:17:24.126308277 SignaaligraafiSignaaligraafiSignaaligraafi
  • Distance: 1,151.3mailia (SE)
  • Poikkeama: 1.7mailia
  • Osallistujat: 373

Additional information

If a lightning stroke was detected, some additional information correspondending to the station Colwyn Bay North Wales will be displayed.

  • Runtime: Difference between time of stroke and reception
  • Distance: Distance stroke to station Colwyn Bay North Wales calculated from runtime (1ms = 300km)
  • Direction: Approximate direction (exact value won' be displayed due to usage limitations)
  • Deviation: The smaller, the better the locating
  • Current: Current of the stroke. Very experimental! Currently almost no informative value!
  • Polarity: Positive/negative lightning. Is determined out of signal. Very experimental, only suitable for near lightning!
  • Participants: Number of stations that received the lightning stroke. The more, the better.
  • Participanted: Did the station Colwyn Bay North Wales participate? If "no" is colored, then a signal has been received but it wasn't used for the calculation
  • Locating angle: Max. angle of participated station around lightning position (in parenthesis: stations that weren't used for calculation). A value of 270° would be ideal, but a good locating is also possible on much smaller values.
  • Channel: Recorded channel in the graph (if station operates in "Best Channel Mode")