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MyLightningDetection: Tilastot



Edistyneempi tilastointi

Advanced statistics, mainly for the station operator.

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For detecting and locating a stroke, a minimum of 14 stations have to receive a signal.

Vihje: Asteikko on logaritminen!

Graafit: Detections per participation count

Development of participant count

Count of participants. You can view the development per participation count value or the mean participation count.

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Havaintoja / Poikkeama

Kaikkien salamaniskujen poikkema on laskettu.

Graafit: Havaintoja / Poikkeama

Poikkeamien kehitys

Keskiarvopoikkeman kehitys tai valitun poikkeaman kehitys.

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Development of the mean distance to the station Colwyn Bay North Wales. You can estimate the stations sensitivity by comparing the two lines.

Graafit: Average stroke distance